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 Client Reviews


"I exercise regularly but am afflicted by periodic mid - lower body (back, hips, hamstrings) pain and stiffness, sometimes bad enough so that I tilt forward and experience muscle spasms.  This can happen when tying my shoe or turning awkwardly.  Following the most recent episode I went to Natural Balance (this is a soothing environment) for a neuromuscular massage and I am thankful that I did.  Elaine reviewed my medical history and then assessed what was causing all my pain.  This allowed her to tailor the massage to specific muscle groups that provided me relief from muscle spasms and stiffness.  Afterwards, she showed me which muscles she targeted by means of a muscle system anatomical chart and then recommended  lower back stretches to perform.  I followed up with a second massage a week later and plan to continue this in a maintenance program."





"Approximately seven years ago, I began experiencing daily neck and shoulder pain and very severe headaches. For over a year, I saw a chiropractor at least every week in an attempt to get relief from the pain. Yet, after leaving the chiropractic office the pain and headache would return...

The chiropractor ... referred me to Elaine Hauenstein of Natural Balance. I made an appointment with Elaine and she has worked wonders for me. I rarely, if ever, have headaches anymore.

I highly recommend Elaine as a massage therapist and as a delightful friend."



Marietta, GA

Customer since 2003


"Going to Elaine for regular massages over the past couple of years has definitely improved my physical and mental health. Elaine always takes time to ask what is going on with my body before beginning the session. She is always able to work out the tension in all the areas I have identified, and often finds tight muscles I didn’t know existed! As soon as I walk into Natural Balance and take my first few breathes, I immediately begin to relax. I have recommended Elaine to many family members and friends and no one has been disappointed."



Marietta, GA

Customer since 2006



"Following several years of chronic lower back pain, I began working with my physician to map out a program focused on improving my fitness, nutrition, core muscle strength, and overall physical durability. I specifically sought solutions that did not involve medication, surgery, or other invasive therapies. I spoke with Elaine Hauenstein-- who had successfully helped my wife and a neighbor resolve their sports-related back pain issues-- and asked her to evaluate my situation. Although I had previously not considered Massage Therapy as a treatment option, I was open-minded about any solution that could address the daily, often debilitating, pain I was feeling. Following Elaine's initial assessment, she worked to loosen and relax several muscle groups in my lower back and legs that were essentially at war with each other. After two, one-hour sessions, I realized a dramatic reduction in the pain and a near elimination of the "locked up" sensation I had become accustomed to in my lower back. During this time, I also began a rigorous, six-day-per-week strength and conditioning program. Although the initial sessions with Elaine focused on addressing my back pain, I continued seeing her once a week to attend to my aching muscles and to seek her advice on exercises and stretching techniques that would specifically address my weaknesses. I am pleased to say that my back pain has been fully resolved for several months and that my overall physical heath has substantially improved. I view Elaine as having been a true partner in helping me realize these outcomes."



Milton, GA

Customer since 2010



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